Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Phever Pitch

So, gang, while the aforementioned crazy plate's featured (among other things) four appointments in four days, possibly more shortly en route, a stunning ecumenical concession with wide implications, a bishops' plenary to prep for, a long-overdue book forward almost done, a mountain of sufficient thank-yous to write and e.mails to get back to, and well more... if all goes as planned, this town takes to Broad Street later tonight... or Main Street, Market Street, Germantown Av., Frankford and Cottman, etc., depending on whereabout you are.

Along these lines, just be advised that, if said scenario pans out, don't expect anything too early tomorrow.

For you luckier ball-fans elsewhere who might be somewhat puzzled: yeah, we celebrate pennants here -- we're far from used to 'em... or, for that matter, anything good happening 'round these parts, really.

And when you've seen Popes way more often than nights like this, well, that just makes it all the sweeter.

God love you lot forever... and, of course, Go Phils.