Monday, October 26, 2009

"The Gospel" According to Gotham

We interrupt this Phils/Yanks Pre-Game Show for a special bulletin....

Hard as it might be to believe, it's come to pass: the archbishop of New York has a blog.

No joke -- titled The Gospel in the Digital Age, Tim Dolan's 11 posts in since the page's 6 October kickoff... and how it flew under the radar this long is anybody's guess.

That said, in his latest post, B16's man in Gotham jumps into the fray, bringing backup for Bishop Thomas Tobin of Providence, who, in a late Friday response, took on local Congressman Patrick Kennedy's Thursday statement that the US bishops' warned opposition to abortion-friendly health-care reform legislation was "an absolute red herring" and served "[no]thing to fan the flames of dissent and discord."

Calling the Democratic scion's comments "sad, uncalled-for and inaccurate," Dolan added that Tobin "has a good point: Mr Kennedy owes us an apology."

Suffice it to say, you might want to make The Gospel Appointment Reading... even if the template could use a touch-up.

PHOTO: Getty