Thursday, September 24, 2009

When It Rains....

All apologies for the slow posting, gang -- we've had a couple family emergencies behind the scenes over recent days, so your narrator's had to jump into duty as a utility nurse/fixer/gopher, and that's had to take priority over compiling your daily feed.

Hope you can understand -- some things are just more important.

Luckily, everything's beginning to return to the clear, so until the time and mental space to rev up fully is there again, I'll do my best to turn something around whenever the chance presents itself.... In the meantime, though, if you'd be so sweet as to send up a good word that everyone shakes out OK, it'd mean the world.

As ever, all thanks for your patience, and all the comments, kindnesses and moments of communion that make these pages a daily joy to do. As fall arrives and the days dwindle ever shorter, every blessing of health, happiness and peace to one and all -- God love you lot forever.