Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introducing the "New Mass"

As the church gathers for another Sunday, it's worth noting that the US bishops have upped the profile of the revised Mass-texts in English in recent days with the rollout of an extensive web portal detailing the changes that'll come with the implementation of the new Roman Missal.

Coming soon (read: 2011-ish) to a parish near you, among other pieces of interest on the page is a side-by-side comparison of the current and future lines that've been reworked, those of the celebrant and assembly alike.

Unlike its predecessors, the impending text will be universal across the English-speaking world.

A decade in the making, it bears repeating that, as of this writing, the standard Order of Mass is the lone segment of the Missal featured on the site given its approval last year by the Holy See; other elements pending include the Propers of Seasons and Saints, Votive Masses, etc. Yet while the Order of Mass has received the recognitio, its publication is, at this stage, solely for catechetical and preparatory purposes; none of the new texts may be used until the introduction date set by the episcopal conferences of each English-speaking country. That, however, will only come after the entire 12-part package is confirmed by Rome.

Late last year, the bishops of South Africa jumped the gun on implementation to a less than serene response. Suffice it to say, hopes are high -- and mass efforts afoot -- elsewhere to avoid a global repeat.

As for the rest, happy reading... and a blessed and buona domenica to one and all.