Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sorry for the quiet, gang -- no, the feed hasn't shut down... anything but, actually. Unfortunately, pieces don't write themselves, and as the phone keeps ringing along the way, please just be patient.

On a related note, a quick thanks to the good folks who've either provided the ever-needed support that keeps these pages running, or just been so kind as to write in and ask if your narrator's found his way to the Shore yet. For what it's worth, all I've seen of the beach so far came over some 36 hours in early June... but more on that once the work-pile still at hand, at long last, gets cleared through.

Hope you're all having a beautiful, restful and Happy Summer... and in the meantime, as the 26th draws near, don't forget the Novena to the Good Lord's Grandma, Good St Anne.

As ever, church, more soon, and all thanks for all the notes, prayers, sweetness of word, thought and every other good gift. God love you lot today and always.