Friday, July 10, 2009

"I Thank You For All Your Work!"

Via the Pope's Broadcaster, the first word:
Speaking to Vatican Radio, [Holy See] Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi said “moral values in international politics, immigration and the Catholic Church’s contribution in developing countries” were key topics of discussion between the pope and the president.

In addition, Fr. Lombardi said the they discussed inter-religious dialogue and Middle East peace, with both reaffirming the need for a two state solution.

He said the US president “reiterated his commitment to reducing the incidence of abortion”.

President Obama’s parting words to Pope Benedict Friday were that he looked forward to future strong relations between the United States and the Holy See, Pope Benedict told the President: “I thank you for all your work! I’ll pray for you!”...

While pictures were being taken at the start of the meeting, the pope immediately asked president Obama about the summit, to which the president replied: "It was very productive, particularly today".

Doors where then closed on the outside world while the Pope and President retired for private discussions lasting over 20 minutes.
Alongside a copy of Caritas in Veritate, the exchange of gifts did feature one pointed papal surprise... meanwhile, for those keeping tabs on the behind-the-scenes score, the Pope's Man in Gotham was proven right.