Thursday, June 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

"On this day let us revive in ourselves an attraction toward Heaven that calls us to carry on in our earthly pilgrimage. Let us lift in our hearts the desire to always unite ourselves to the family of the saints, of which we already have the grace to be a part.

As a celebrated 'spiritual' song says: 'When the saints go marching in, oh how I'd want, Lord, to be in their number!' May this beautiful aspiration burn in all Christians and help them to surpass every difficulty, every fear, every tribulation! Let us place, dear friends, our hand in the maternal one of Mary, Queen of All Saints, and let ourselves be led by her toward our heavenly homeland, in the company of the blessed spirits 'of every nation, people and language.'"
--Pope Benedict XVI
All Saints' Day, 1 November 2008
As always, stay tuned.

Cathedral-Basilica of St Louis, New Orleans