Friday, June 05, 2009

For B-Ball, a B-Bet

With the LA Lakers and Orlando Magic now one game into the NBA Finals, the ordinaries of the basketball rivals have agreed to a friendly wager:
Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony bet a case of Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels-labeled wines [while] Orlando Bishop Thomas Wenski put up three key lime pies, Florida's official state pie, four pounds of fresh shrimp and a bottle of oxygen.

Wenski says the fresh air is offered because of pollution in Los Angeles skies. Mahony counters he's happy to wager fine cathedral wines "produced in the fertile ground and fresh air of California."
If last night's result keeps up, Wenski might want to start packaging the prawns.

48 minutes into the best-of-seven series, Kobe & Co. slammed DisneyWorld's home team in Game One, 100-75.

PHOTO: Reuters