Sunday, June 28, 2009

"A Bond of Love, An Incentive to Courage"

So, church, welcome to Palliumfest '09 -- at 9.30 Rome time tomorrow (3.30 Eastern, 0730GMT), the 34 metropolitan archbishops named from across the globe this year will receive the symbol of their new office from Pope Benedict on the feast of Saints Peter and Paul (for which, as you can see, the famous statue of the first pontiff traditionally gets all decked out).

Thanks to this year's contingent of five Americans -- the highest this decade -- interest is running especially high on these shores... and, with the archbishops of Westminster, Vancouver, Rio, Bangkok and Florence among others in the mix, well beyond, too.

Regardless of where you are, though, a front-row seat is yours... and even if you don't get up in the middle of the night.

While it'll join its friendly competitors in livestreaming the Mass, CatholicTV plans to have the two-hour liturgy viewable at your on-demand pleasure as soon as possible afterward.

Following the rite, early word from Rome adds that the Yanks might just be holding a press conference... but word'll more likely filter out on that one.

A buona festa to one and all... as always, stay tuned -- and a domani, enjoy the sights and sounds.