Friday, May 01, 2009

The Running (Out) of the Bulls

On his Bishop's Blog, the nation's lone daily-posting prelate -- St Petersburg's Robert Lynch -- reports a newsworthy anecdote from Monday's installation (fullvideo) of Bishop Roger Morin as head of Mississippi's diocese of Biloxi:
At this particular installation on Monday, the [papal nuncio] Archbishop [Pietro Sambi] had to announce to the assembled, that the “bull” of appointment had not yet arrived in its original form at his office for presentation prior to the installation of the new bishop. The “bull” is the official parchment in Latin which announces the appointment by the pope of a new bishop and is required for the authenticity of the appointment. It contains a wax seal of the Pope and for centuries has been presented to those in charge of the diocese during the vacancy (the Administrator and the College of Consultors). The Archbishop drew a good laugh when he said that the “bull” had not yet arrived and then a second good laugh when he said that so many new bishops were being made that the Holy See could not keep up with the demand for “bulls.” The installation, of course, continued because the Archbishop had a translation of the “bull” and also has the canonical power to install without the necessary documents until such time as they arrive and everything becomes kosher again.
Speaking of installations, reportedly pending is final confirmation of a 10 June date for the Big Mass welcoming Archbishop-elect Robert Carlson to St Louis.

In due time, more where it all came from... as always, stay tuned.

PHOTO: Getty