Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Obama Fills the Villa?

Greetings from the road to Washington. Literally.

On the eve of tomorrow's CUA symposium commemorating the silver anniversary of US-Vatican diplomatic relations (i.e. the reason for your narrator's current coordinates), President Obama has reportedly settled on his choice of the nation's next ambassador to the Holy See...

...and if you thought the church-circle chatter over the freshly-unveiled Supreme Court nominee would be interesting, just wait.

No announcement has yet come from the White House, but one is expected shortly. Given the timing of the buzz, the Administration is likely hoping to have its nominee in place at Villa Richardson by Obama's expected 8 July meeting with Pope Benedict at the Vatican.

Apologies for the linkless post -- this is what happens when no wi-fi's to be found and you've gotta post from
your phone...

More as it happens; as always, stay tuned.

SVILUPPO: After 8pm tonight, the White House announced that the President intends to nominate Miguel Diaz -- a professor of theology at St John's University in Collegeville -- as the next US ambassador to the Holy See.