Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's a Wrap

To see today's Holy See-US at 25 Symposium uncut, streaming video is up and running of the morning (Dolan/Sambi/Glendon) and mid-morning (ambassadors' panel) sessions, with the rest to come in short order.

Meanwhile, the day's closing remarks came from the chancellor of the bishops' university -- the capital's Archbishop Donald Wuerl.

Benedict XVI's first major Stateside appointee three years ago this month, Wuerl spoke from a unique, significant perspective among today's roster, addressing not the diplomatic side of Vatican relations, but the role of the diocesan bishop at the crossroads of church and state.

Here below, the archbishop's fulltext:

On a personal note, all thanks to the many kind folks here in the capital who've written in through the week with invites to a coffee or a beer. I'd honestly love nothing more than getting the chance, but it's back to the road in a few -- the morning brings a speaking gig in New York, and a pretty daunting one at that.

Chaotic days as ever... and even after Memorial Day, on and on it goes. Please keep up the prayers.

Hope today's DC feed was useful -- as always, a ton of thanks for checking in... and, of course, stay tuned.