Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capital Briefing

Good evening from the nation's capital... where tonight's announcement of the President's pick to represent the States at the Vatican has only heightened the profile of tomorrow's Catholic University of America daylong symposium to commemorate the 25th anniversary of full diplomatic relations between the US and the Holy See.

Sure, the actual milestone passed quietly in early January. Given everything that's happened since, however, the event's timing was a masterstroke.

While CUA plans to have tape of the day's talks up and running by the evening -- and even C-SPAN might well be jumping in, to boot -- full coverage of the event will unfold here in real-time tomorrow, so stay tuned for it... and because not a thing 'round these parts could happen without 'em, another huge word of thanks to everyone whose generous support keeps what you're seeing up and running.

(And to said page-savers and e.mailers a quick word: yes, you're still owed a behind-the-scenes thanks... and it'll be yours soon. Please forgive the hold-up; suffice it to say, these days have been even more chaotic than usual, and this fried-brain scribe can't wait to catch a breather to begin sorting through the back-office mess.)

In the meantime, however, tonight your daily feed comes again from the place where no less than B16 himself first begged down a "new Pentecost" on the Stateside church during last year's PopeTrip to these shores.

With the feast of the Spirit's descent -- the "birthday of the church" -- returning this weekend, it's still not too late to return to the First Novena that preceded it, that through "a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit" on us all and our bringing It to the world, He might continue to renew the face of this earth.