Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Year On, A New Day

All apologies for the light posting, folks -- your narrator's still recovering from the Main Event... and, indeed, remains on-ground in Gotham to cover the last major stops of the New Arrival's first week: tomorrow's 10.15 Mass in St Patrick's Cathedral and Monday's interfaith service for Holocaust Remembrance Day, at which Tim Dolan will preach.

More on each (and a lot else) as it happens... but, suffice it to say, it's been a chaotic time. So for all the (as yet) unreturned calls, e.mails, unacknowledged kindnesses in word and deed, etc., I can't apologize enough. And, again, as always, a special word of thanks to everyone whose generous, humbling support has kept these pages afloat and, ergo, made it possible to keep all this coverage coming to you; lest there was any doubt, and much as I wish otherwise, I can't run the shop completely on "Hail Marys"....

For one, the subway doesn't accept 'em. But for the record, no deluxe accommodations here; I'm couch-crashing thanks to the amazing kindness of incredible (and, indeed, hugely tolerant) friends.

And that's pretty much the story of my life.

That said, it's been a year exactly since another moment of grace 'round these parts -- namely, The Big PopeTrip to the nation's capital and this "capital of the world."

Like this week, it was a blessing to be part of, a joy to share far beyond its time and place and, most of all, a lifelong gift to hold in my heart, especially in those rougher moments (and -- at least, on this end -- God knows how those tend to creep up).

Most of all, though, it was year ago tonight when, not far from where I'm sitting now, I got to behold a beautiful, almost magic experience unfolding in these streets.

Given the circumstances of the moment, it was a fleeting vision of what could be. But here we are again: a year to the week, this city has been lit up and energized anew, given a new smile, a new lift, a new life thanks to this church's "best foot forward" in it -- and the expectation, the hope, going forward is that, now, the vision of that night can finally become not just what could be, but what is: here in New York, sure... yet what's more, given the influence of this local church on the wider stage, far beyond, too.

Indeed, the weather of both that mid-April week and this has -- twice, now -- sent a message clearly enough from Above: after a cold, brutal winter, springtime has come to Gotham. And not soon enough. And thanks be to God, because in this part of the world, we've really been needing and waiting on it.

But both here and beyond, the rest depends on us.

As always, more as it happens. And in the meantime, hope you've each had a great and restful Easter Week and that its joys and graces are a strength and solace for the road ahead.

God love you all and thanks for checking in here to keep an eye on this long, wild ride. Buona domenica a tutti and cheers from a new New York... one encouraged, emboldened and proud Timmytown.

PHOTO: Getty Images