Monday, April 13, 2009

Meet the Press... Ahead of Schedule

According to the official arrangements, the New Arrival was to have his first in-residence meeting with the New York media at a 10am press conference on Wednesday, four hours before his Installation Mass was slated to start.

Dolan being Dolan, however, it was just another plan destined for the shredder.

Shortly after noon on his first full day in town, The Tim held a quickly-called Q&A on no less than the front steps of St Patrick's Cathedral... a gathering so sudden some press-folks only learned about it after the fact, seemingly without one still photographer in sight.

Luckily, though, fullvideo of the session's up. As no recap can do it justice, just watch.

Bottom line: in terms of the visuals, the Takeover was supposed to get underway tomorrow. Clearly, however, it's already begun... and the tidal wave'll just get bigger still on the flip-side of this first night.

Indeed, even now, "Timmytown is open for business." And as always, for all the rest, stay tuned.