Monday, April 27, 2009

Goodbye, "Tara"

Once compared to -- no joke -- the main house in Gone With the Wind, Bishop George Murry SJ of Youngstown has put the Ohio diocese's episcopal residence (above) on the market.

Price tag: $339,000....
The home at 4762 Logan Way was put up for sale three months ago.

Murry said there are several reasons for the move.

“I would like to live in the city. ... I grew up in a city [Camden, N.J.] and am comfortable in cities.” As a Jesuit priest, he spent time as a pastoral associate in Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia and served as an auxiliary bishop in Chicago.

The bishop is moving to a residence on Gypsy Lane. “It’s easily accessible to the chancery and [St. Columba] cathedral,” both on West Wood Street. He said he’s been looking since he came to the Youngstown diocese and the time is right for the move. He also noted the diocese bought the house on Gypsy for a reasonable price.

“[The sale also ] is part of the downsizing of the diocese to a certain extent,” Bishop Murry said. “I wanted to take the lead in that.”

Bishop Murry described the house on Logan Way as “a tool” used by the bishop to do his work.” He said he has used the house as a place for priest and chancery meetings and social functions of the diocese.

But he acknowledged that the large house in Liberty, situated on about 2 1/2 acres, with five bedrooms, two family rooms, large living room and dining room, is much more than he needs. The actual move date isn’t set yet.

“Youngstown is the seat of the diocese. I want to be there ... and be part of the rejuvenation of Youngstown.”

Bishop Murry said the house on Logan Way was bought by the diocese in1998 when his predecessor, Bishop Thomas Tobin, served. Bishop Tobin was here from 1996-2005. As with Bishop Murry, Bishop Tobin used the house for diocesan meetings and social functions.

Bishop Murry’s future home on Gypsy Lane is where Bishop Tobin lived before moving to the Logan Way property.

Of the furnishings, Bishop Murry said some pieces will go to Catholic Charities.

Bishop Murry said he considered using the Logan Way house as a place for meetings and retreats but after consulting with his staff, he decided against that. He said that Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center in Villa Maria, Pa., the Ursuline Center in Canfield, Walsh University and St. Michael the Archangel, both in Canton, are already set up for such activities. Bishop Murry said.

“The house is property that we just don’t need.”
PHOTO: Geoffrey Hauschild/Youngstown Vindicator