Monday, April 13, 2009

Click and See

As many folks have asked for a fuller rundown, the two-day, Gotham-sized reception that begins tomorrow night will be easily accessible to one and all around the globe... and watching that way will get you a better vantage of things than'll be had by almost all the 2,300-plus packed inside St Pat's, to boot.

Both Tuesday's Vespers (6.30pm procession, 7pm start, all times Eastern) and Wednesday's Installation Mass (1.30pm procession, 2pm start) formally welcoming the tenth archbishop of New York will be livestreamed in their entirety on the web by, among others, the city's WNBC and WABC, along with EWTN and Boston's CatholicTV.

(For the record, no word yet on what/how much will be kept around for on-demand viewing afterward; as that becomes clearer, you'll know.)

In the meantime, the programs for both the Vespers and the Mass are readily available in .pdf form... and let's just say you'll find a special surprise on the NBC feed come showtime.

But don't crash the 30 Rock servers, gang, OK?

After what's been quite a day, more in the morning... 'til then, though, goodnight, Buona Pasqua and God love ya from a very happy Timmytown.