Monday, March 02, 2009

New Rule at 452: No Angel Food

In one of the more unique ripple-effects of The Big One, Archbishop Tim Dolan's mother and brother appeared on the Fox affiliate in his native St Louis -- where the Gotham-elect's sister-in-law works -- and, to the surprise of no one, ran the table.

Just watch:

Sure, there'll be no Renee Fleming encore on 15 April... truth be told, though, nothing in the world could beat "Fairytale of New York" as this time's motet of choice... because for no shortage of folks in attendance, the day will feel like Christmas. And a very Irish one at that.

Speaking of the Pogues, while the world's second-greatest Celtic band is keeping its usual pre-Paddymas run in Manhattan, it's already been announced that the archbishop-in-waiting will spend his final March 17th in Milwaukee, leaving the cathedral steps on Parade Day to his predecessor for the last time.

Oh, and keeping its "GODSEND!" coverage alive and kicking a week after the fact, today's New York Post dubbed Dolan a "superhero."

43 Days to go.

SVILUPPO: Making his first turn in the pulpit of Milwaukee's Cathedral of St John the Evangelist since the Big Apple appointment, fullaudio's posted of Dolan's homily at yesterday's Mass, its focus on the Gospel's account of Jesus in the desert.