Monday, February 23, 2009

It's a Wrap

Well, folks, what a day. And to think, it's just Day One.

Over these last few weeks, no shortage of new arrivals have shown up alongside the longtime crowd, but to everyone who's kept the watch here, a ton of thanks and hopefully it's all been as enjoyable to read as it's been to compile and witness.

And now, with the historic transition officially underway, the work finally begins. As it proceeds -- and, of course, with an eye to 15 April -- stay tuned for continuing coverage of all things Gotham as only these pages can swing it.

In the meantime, wow. Just... wow. You'll hear more about it once your narrator's rested and got his brain (and voice) back together, but as experiences and events go, this day was something to behold.

With thanks again to one and all -- especially the many folks who've made these last weeks of feed possible in seemingly every way under the sun -- God love ya... and goodnight... from Timmytown.

PHOTO: AP/Mary Altaffer