Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back in Beer City, "I Wasn't Asked"

Noting early on that it was the "last day of the Lenten fast" -- and that he'd already begun downing his Fat Tuesday paczkis -- the Stateside church's Strongman-elect appeared on Milwaukee radio (fullaudio) before sunrise to recount his rollout in the Big Apple, his "awe" at what lies ahead... and his curiosity over being "called collect" from the White House.

Smuggled out of Brewerland early Saturday by private jet, Tim Dolan reportedly landed at North Jersey's Teeterboro strip -- a scenario foreseen over recent days to keep the Gotham crowd off the scent. Now administrator of the 850,000-member Milwaukee church until his final departure for 452 Madison, he returned to his home since 2002 late last night.

Meanwhile, the New York press has welcomed the Pope's choice for the US church's hottest seat with glee... led by the Post, whose full cover screamed "GODSEND!" and dubbed Dolan a "Rev-elation" on its inner pages.

The Times' Page One ran with a photo of the archbishops-elect and emeritus above the fold, the News ran a column down its front, featuring a shot of the city's "Man of Mass Appeal."

What's more, both tabloids ran lead editorials both to welcome Dolan and praise Cardinal Edward Egan's legacy of wise, oft-unsung stewardship, which served to both restore the Big Apple church to solvency after the deficits of the O'Connor years and strengthen its footing mightily for the future his successor inherits.