Saturday, February 07, 2009

Burn the Maps

Well, Happy Weekend, folks -- and, to quote from a friend's assessment of things, "che settimana"... vernacular: what a week.

Che due settimane, really.

As you've seen, it's been wild 'round these parts -- SSPX tumult, Legion scandal, Russian patriarchs... and, of course, the Mother of All Appointments drawing ever nearer. That said, having already incurred one exhaustion-induced illness over the last few days and hoping to avoid another, your narrator's taking an intra-storm breather. What's more, as the events of recent weeks have borne witness to some important lessons on the church-and-media front, these could a little more processing in the hope of finding something coherent and useful to say in their wake. Bottom line: all apologies for the volume and quality (or lack thereof) of the recent posts, but I just keep learning ever more that I've only got one mind and set of hands, that they don't really do well at doing (rather, trying to do) more than one thing at a time, and that while every day on this beat isn't Christmas, that just makes it all the better when it actually does come.

And it will. Soon. So, as always, stay tuned.

On another note, a belated word of eternal thanks to everyone who kicked in to lend a hand on the recent appeal -- yet again, you've spared your narrator from "selling out" (and, ergo, having to shut the house down) for another day or two, and no words can express sufficient appreciation for that. At the same time, though -- as if there wasn't enough work already to do -- said survival remains a work in progress... and, lacking a Treasury press, all I can do is trust this readership to keep things plugging along. So, again, to everyone who's played a part in easing that burden and making it, if not always easy, something close to manageable, a million times and then some, thank you. And, as ever, all thanks for every last bit of the notes and feedback -- much of it is a consolation and grace... just as much a reminder of the need to do better and more... yet regardless of what each says, each is a gift, and I just wish I could get back to more of 'em in quicker order.

Fret not -- anything urgent will hit the board immediately and, as events dictate, the shop will rev to life on a moment's notice... but in the meantime, just relax, breathe and enjoy the many blessings that surround each of us. We're lucky, church, so let's all try to never forget that.

Every joy and good gift of the weekend to one and all -- God love you lot always.