Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bells on Thursday

And so, friends, it's a New Year. Welcome to it and all its blessings to you and yours.

2009's top story on the beat -- at least, among things foreseeable: the historic handover of Anglophone Catholicism's two most prominent posts, the first of which is expected to fall within weeks.

As things go 'round these parts, an unprecedented transition of the archbishoprics of Westminster and New York both from living incumbents to their successors is the equivalent of an 11-minute pyrotechnic extravaganza akin to what rang out at midnight just a stone's throw from the Metropolitan Cathedral of the Precious Blood....

...and with that, away we go.

Buckle up, church -- we're in for things eventful, and this is just the topper.

Un'altro buon anno to one and all... as always, stay tuned.