Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Te Deum Laudamus..."

Before anything else, a quick pagekeeping note: not to build the suspense or anything, but the house is calling Italian privilege on the Year-End/Churchman package; as some'll remember, last year's took a couple extra days to shake out, and that made all the difference... so just enjoy your champagne, down the grapes, watch the bowl games and we'll pick up where we left off on the other side.

That said, some are well-aware of it... but for those of us who aren't, the tradition of the Latin church commends the public singing of its great hymn of thanksgiving -- the Te Deum -- on this last day of the year to acknowledge The Giver of the graces received over its course.

For some of us, 2008's been an incredibly blessed and joyous ride... just as many of us will recall it as a difficult, trying, even painful year. Yet regardless of where we each fall along the scale, the fact that you're reading this means you're alive, you can see, the power's on and, ostensibly, so is the heater -- so for these and every other blessing we've got, let's all give thanks.

In an easily-joinable, modern and moving rendering (lyrics) of the ancient hymn, our Te Deum is led from Singapore.

Let the church sing:

* * *
Closer to home, however, it sounds just a tad different....

That's right -- major scare averted, for the 108th time, It's On.

To you and yours, here's to every blessing, joy, good gift and fulfilled hope in the New Year -- and all thanks for being part of the unforgettable pilgrimage this past year has been.

See you in 2009... 'til then, cue the Frogs:

From Mummerville to the ends of the earth, buon anno
, gang.