Thursday, December 11, 2008

Preparing the Way

With two weeks to go 'til a Very Important Present arrives, the question begs itself....

So, church, how's your Advent going?

I don't know about you but, to be honest, it might just be the last question I'd want to be asked. At least, so far -- there's still too much to do... and I'm not talking about the tree, the lights, the cards, or my Christmas haircut, either.

Luckily, though, time still remains for those of us who've got some catching up to do with the preparation that counts the most -- we've just gotta make the most of it. And, well, there are as many ways of approaching the task as there are the number of us.

Maybe the answer's an Advent minute to step back and breathe (...or ten ...or more), an extra smile or helping hand to someone who could use it, a night off from shopping or the party circuit, or maybe that call, note or e.mail we've been meaning to get to... whatever it is, gang, let's just do it... or, at the very least, try to... because especially in these days, it's all in the little things.

No question, we can focus on and devote no shortage of time to no shortage of things in these crazed days... but along the way, let's just make sure whatever we do in the days ahead begins and ends with what it's (really) all about: