Monday, December 22, 2008

Nearing the Hour

Sure, the Holy See's Holy Tree has been up and lit for the better part of a fortnight by now... but here at the home office, if we're lucky, tonight's looking to be the night.

Not because it's real (it ain't), nor thanks to any sort of rubrical anal-retentiveness (come on) -- just simple procrastination and the reality of needing to put out other fires first.

And the cards? Er, thank God we've got an Octave... or Baptism -- or, if things prove to be really crazy, Candlemas. (That said, a ton of thanks to everyone who's been so sweet to send one; please know they've been more joy and comfort to have lining the desk than words could express.)

Bottom line, though: such is life.

On a quick other note, before everything starts popping, let's all take a moment to send up a word of appreciation for the troops -- our many unsung heroes, lay, professed and ordained who go all-out everyday, but in these days are especially working overtime (many likely with some degree of anxiety) that the Mystery might unfold as movingly and beautifully as possible in sanctuaries great and small.

And a quick, unsolicited bit of advice their way, too -- at least, for any who could use it: in the midst of all the preps and details, friends, just remember that what's coming is yours to receive just as much as it is anyone else's.

We can't give any Gift to others we haven't first revelled in ourselves... so, along those lines, try not to sweat the small stuff too much and don't let anything keep ya from soaking it up and rejoicing in it, OK?

That said, thanks for everything you do and give always -- now go knock 'em alive.