Sunday, December 07, 2008

"Bigger Than Christmas"/Morenita: "Mas Grande Que La Navidad"

Well, Stateside church, four more nights 'til our "Super Bowl" comes again... and not soon enough.

Already, the celebrations and projections are well afoot: at least 20,000 expected in Dallas (they've had well over 50K before), winding parades in San Diego, packed-house plays in LA, 4am dance-offs in Indiana... the usual 100,000-plus at Chicago's Maryville, "thousands" more at today's daylong kickoff in Houston, and -- just in time -- even a new church named for the Morenita in, of all places, Mecca.

It's long been suspected, but now it's confirmed: Guadalupe "is bigger than Christmas."

Matachines, go:

Of course, with tomorrow being, you know, the patronal feast of the United States, the pages would love to run coverage of similarly joyous, massive, exuberant celebrations of the Immaculate Conception taking place on these shores...

...just one problem with that, though: none exist.