Monday, November 03, 2008

Words at the Wire

As part of the last-minute flurry of statements nationwide in advance of tomorrow's election, the weekend saw vote-drops from Bishops George Murry SJ of Youngstown and Richard Lennon of Cleveland.

With the polls continuing to project Ohio a blue-leaning toss-up, the state's expanded early voting window drew hours of queues at precincts; according to state officials, over 1.5 million ballots -- a quarter of the state's expected turnout -- have already been cast in Buckeye Country. (Voters are shown above on Thursday in Cleveland.)

In addition to Thursday's batch of closing arguments from church leadership, among the other notable interventions to surface at the wire came from Bishop Robert Carlson of Saginaw and Archbishop Elden Curtiss of Omaha, whose weigh-in topped the weekend news in the heartland.

And for what it's worth, "That" Number's pushing 90 (out of ~250), all told.

PHOTO: AP/Amy Sancetta