Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Gethsemane" in Context

Last week's comments by the major penitentiary of the church Cardinal James Francis Stafford have circulated far and wide since the Baltimore-born prelate offered his impressions on the incoming administration in a lecture at DC's Catholic University of America late last week.

Seeking to clarify his remarks, Stafford spoke with CNN yesterday...
[The cardinal] didn't want our phone conversation recorded, but said he believes his remarks can be misunderstood. He says his take on the word apocalyptic is different from common Western references to the end of the world.

In his understanding, he says, apocalyptic means resistance to what [he] calls the divine and natural laws on reproduction and the preservation of human life.

He says he does believe Obama's stance on abortion rights condones violence toward unborn children. Cardinal Stafford told us he does not speak for the Vatican.
...and to put the talk's more highly-cited quotes in a better context, audio has emerged of its crucial segment: