Wednesday, October 01, 2008

World (Youth Day) Without End

Apparently, July's World Youth Day in Sydney was such a success that some of the 200,000-plus overseas pilgrims haven't yet gone home:
There are 974 Catholic pilgrims remaining in Australia following the festivities, with 740 holding visas which remain valid from when they arrived.

A further 203 have applied to have their visas extended but 31 pilgrims are here unlawfully.

They are now being told to contact immigration authorities or face deportation.

Yesterday Immigration Minister Chris Evans said: "The number overstaying continued to rise as their three month visas expired.

"Some are still partying and looking to enjoy Australia - others will be seeking asylum."
Plans have already begun in earnest for the next global observance of WYD, to be held at Madrid from 15-21 August 2011.