Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Six Months On

Hard to believe where the time goes... but, already, today marks a half-year since B16 touched down on these shores to begin what was, by all accounts, a triumphant East Coast trek that surpassed every expectation.

The many experiences of those beautiful, magic, crazy days are still kicking around in not a few minds, and rightfully so. Suffice it to say, though, the moment was never intended to simply become a memory followed by a return to business-as-usual, but a catalyst -- for healing, for unity, for renewal -- that would bring about a new energy, a new birth for the Stateside church far beyond New York and Washington.

Sure, it's all still being processed, and seeing the fruits will take some time. But luckily, it's not too late to, where necessary, re-spark the flame -- to that end, the texts are well-worth revisiting, as are the video feeds of the events.

In the course of an incredible -- even transformative -- week, both those on the ground and those watching from afar got to see not just the best of what this church is and the best of what it can be, but the effect it can have on the world around us, one person, one soul, at a time.

Of course, that's easy to do when the Pope's around... but as with everything else in this life, church, the harder part of keeping it up and keeping it going is what it's all about.

As that's the task that falls to each of us, each in our own way, here's to keepin' at it as best we can. It was, after all, too good to merely be a memory.

PHOTO: Reuters