Friday, October 17, 2008

Reds Country Welcomes "Adjuticor"

The date for Archbishop-elect Dennis Schnurr's Mass of Welcome as coadjutor -- or, as one local TV reporter pricelessly flubbed it, "adjuticor" (hey, at least he tried) -- of Cincinnati has been set for 7 December at 2.30 in the afternoon; the statements from this morning's presser are up.

Having served as his own vocation director in Duluth -- a common trait among bishops who, like today's appointee, have experienced success in recruitment -- among Schnurr's stops this afternoon include his new charge's major seminary, Mount St Mary's of the West.

After 26 years of Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk's home-grown leadership, the locals might be clamoring to see the pick as "fresh blood," but as the buzzmill -- and one on-air report -- have it, the next archbishop was the incumbent's choice to fill the slot. The two have known each other for going on two decades, back from Schnurr's days as a top Mothership official during Pilarczyk's presidency of the conference.

"I hope that all members of the archdiocese are as happy as I am about the appointment," the native son said earlier today.

"I need all the help I can get, and this is big time help."

PHOTO: Jeff Swinger/Cincinnati Enquirer