Sunday, October 26, 2008

One. More.

Feel the heat, Rays....

Then again, they've never won a game when the temp. was under 50. So maybe "feel the chill" is better still.

Last time a pitcher hit a dinger at the Big Dance? 1974, when Oakland's Ken Holtzman slugged a solo.

Last time, that is, until tonight.

Based in Philly 'til 1955, the A's went on to win it all. In five.

And so, on the eve of another Game Five, twenty-five years, four months and 27 days since its last major sports championship (that is, not counting Foley's elevation), the River City finds itself in a surreal place -- on the verge of the Phrenzy for which a horde of us have been waiting our whole lives. Literally.

Go Phils.

PHOTO: Getty Images(1); Reuters(2)