Thursday, October 16, 2008

The On-Deck Circle

Fresh off yesterday's appointment of a coadjutor in Winona, a fresh round of alarm bells has gone into overdrive....

This time, word on the street points to the archdiocese of Cincinnati -- where, as previously noted, Archbishop Daniel Pilarczyk has been awaiting a coadjutor of his own for several months.

Head of Ohio's 500,000-member mother-see since 1982, indications are that the 74 year-old prelate -- a native son and former USCCB president viewed by many as the bench's leading intellect -- could have something to announce as soon as tomorrow... all else remaining, at least for now, the standard silence that speaks volumes.

For the rest as it happens, as always, stay tuned.

PHOTO: Spire of the Cathedral of St Peter in Chains, Cincinnati; Thadd/Flickr