Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Behind the Page

Good God.

Suffice it to say, everybody's talkin' about Joe Martino... and, to think, I knew him when.

Anyways, as the magic number at the bottom of the page turns toward another milestone, a quick word of thanks -- x 7... to the sixth power -- to everyone who's made the magic happen here from Day One: namely, each of you... for reading, sharing, your support, comments, critiques, and especially every last one of your prayers and kindnesses. It never ceases to be a strange ride, but you lot are the only thing that makes it a good and fun one, so know how eternally grateful I am and how blessed I feel day in and day out to be able to do my little part -- but not a bit of it without a ton of help from more folks than I could ever name or count.

In that light, a gentle reminder -- yep, another one -- that these pages are brought to you by... you, so -- to the extent that you can, in these difficult days -- please keep the guitar case along the right sidebar in mind; candidly, as it's pretty much the only thing that keeps the power on, the phone/modem from getting shut off, the bill-collectors at bay, etc., without your generosity and support these pages would not exist.

That said, every last bit and morsel of thanks there is to everyone who's already lent a hand (I know, I know -- I owe a private thank-you... along with some off-the-page feed... all of which, per usual, I'm still putting together amid the chaos of everything else... on top of all the e.mails, calls and cables in need of reply... bottom line: please forgive me; these days barely allow for sleep, let alone much else... you should see the mess my bedroom is).

Looking toward the horizon, hopefully no one's minding the election coverage too much -- well, besides the enraged partisans who've been fighting it out in the inbox for some months now.

But soon enough, grazie Dio, it'll all be over.

Then again, church, even when it's over... it won't actually be over -- six days after The Vote, it's off to Baltimore for what's looking to be the Mother of All USCCB Showdowns (a "discussion" which, by contrast, promises to make the traditional marquee face-off look downright tame).

Thanks to all of you, I won't have to sleep under the welcome bay outside the Marriott... that is, I hope I won't have to... and even if I do, whatever it takes to get the job done... as long as there's wi-fi and a power outlet out there.

In the meantime, God love you lot... and all thanks an amazing experience -- it's always a gift... even if I've got a lot more grey hairs on my temples and wrinkles in my forehead than I ever imagined possible at 25.

Go Phils.