Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Prefect's Parting Gift: Purple Ray-n

We interrupt this day of grief for a severe weather alert....

Hurricane Ike might be veering toward Mother Galveston (send prayers), but a more serene instance of teeming precip bore down earlier today on the onetime "Rome of the West" as a Purple Monsoon for 28 -- dry as ever on the lay side -- was announced this morning in St Louis.

The news comes barely three weeks after Archbishop Raymond Burke moved to Rome, where the cardinal-in-waiting took up his new post as the global church's "chief justice." Yet while the well holds no shortage of talk on the Signatura supremo's succession in the Gateway City church of 555,000, no decision is expected until, at the earliest, around the end of the year.

But in the meantime... especially as no news of today's sort would be complete without it... without any further ado... The Official Papal Honors Hymn: