Tuesday, August 26, 2008

High Noon at the Al Smith. Again.

Correcting an earlier notice, this year's Al Smith Dinner in New York will feature both John McCain and Barack Obama as keynote speakers... at least, that's what the white-tie event's website says... not to mention the save-the-date cards that went out late last week.

Scheduled for 16 October, the 63rd edition of the vaunted Waldorf-Astoria funder for Gotham's Catholic Charities falls one night after the final debate between the presidential contenders, and -- barring the unexpected -- will be their last face-to-face before Election Day.

A resolutely apolitical gathering, the Smith is more akin to a Gridiron-style roast, as illustrated by 2000's Gore-Bush meeting there (above).

PHOTO: Reuters/Khue Bui