Friday, July 25, 2008

You're the best, gang; forgive the silence and, as always, thanks for the "Are you OK/alive?" notes.

Gratefully, everything's fine, Boss is her usual undaunted self... and, well, your narrator's just trying to use summer for the reason God made it: as a gift of beauty, downtime, peace and -- most importantly -- renewal.

Suffice it to say, I've been needing an extended break for quite some time, especially after the packed news-cycle of recent months... and, even more, the almost four-year run of keeping these pages going on a daily (and, I pray, quality) basis. Bottom line: with Headquarters sealed shut for the next six weeks (and pretty much everything else on a low keel), I'm just keen to soak up the low season as best I can to breathe, to rest, to pray and recharge at length; having seen the spring's cycle of PopeTrips, appointments, etc. all safely into the rear-view, life's finally made its way into my "top story" slot... and, well, it's past time and hopefully no one minds too much.

Before we know it, friends, these days'll be gone and everything'll be back to chaos again. In the meantime, hope you're all getting to enjoy it all to its fullest.

If anything significant does happen to break along the way, the presses will, indeed, roll like it's Christmas -- because, of course, they do roll on Christmas 'round these parts (and in a big way). But barring that, more soon, thanks for everything -- especially to those of you who've kept this work afloat in every way -- and to each of you and yours, all the prayers and love in the world.