Thursday, June 05, 2008

Traffic Update

Mornin', church -- everybody alright?

Forgive the slow posting in recent days -- the result of a jam-up in the inbox, a relatively slow news cycle, and a lot of odds-and-ends to take care of behind the scenes.... Lest anyone hasn't figured it out yet, your narrator's only able to handle one thing at a time, and barely at that.

On the circuit, today's penultimate stop will see the ordination of Bishop-elect Tony Taylor of Little Rock, finally ending the nation's longest diocesan vacancy, which began at Bishop Peter Sartain's 15 May 2006 transfer to Joliet.

In his latest interview -- this time with the AP -- Taylor's history of strong advocacy for immigrants yet again took top line. Before leaving Oklahoma for Razorback Country, the 53 year-old who'll become its ninth bishop reportedly admitted a bit of angst at being portrayed as a "one-issue bishop," but still reaffirmed to friends his commitment to defend across the board the rights of those made to feel unwelcome; as he put it to the wire, "the Catholic faith proclaims the teaching of Jesus in its fullest form and I would like to share that with everybody, but respectfully."

Once the circuit wraps with tomorrow's installation in Mobile, posting will lighten up for a couple days, so the couple hundred backlogged e.mails can finally get tackled and a breather can be had in advance of late next week's double whammy of the USCCB's Spring Plenary in Orlando and the International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec.

Beyond that, as it's summer -- "silly season" to some, "slow season" for others -- the newshole opens up enough that I get a good bit more discretion when it comes to what fills the page. There's no shortage of ideas on this end, but topic requests are especially welcome and appreciated. Remember, friends. these are your pages, and they're only as good as the feedback you give 'em.

And, lastly, just so you know -- and we can all brace ourselves -- the end of the month will find these pages datelined... "Rome."

That sound you hear? Screaming.

There's no better time to finally get back to the Urb -- the family's traditional "end of school" reunion before the summer recess; a boatload of new archbishops (including, as of this writing, three Statesiders... and quite possibly one or two more) descending, with pilgrims, for their pallia, and, of course, the opening of the Pauline Year.

Bottom line: one of us has to prepare for two weeks without much sleep.

For the record, the ticket is the gift of a friend. And, really, all I know is that I'm going, that I've been asked to pick up a couple calendars and other assorted tchotckes, and that you shouldn't bet on seeing me in the baciamano line. The rest is pretty much a blank slate, and I leave it to Providence and your prayers. Suffice it to say, it should make for quite the return.

In the meantime, as always, no words could say enough thanks for all the notes, gifts, kindnesses, honesty, and encouragement -- they keep me sane, on my toes, and keeps the work going. As for everything else, the days are still really tough without Obie, it's still a mix of good and bad days for the Boss, Happy Birthday to my Mamma, and Wedding/Graduation Season's made for its usual chaos on the family side of things... and, well, with 30-plus first cousins and (to date) almost 40 kids between 'em, that's to be expected, right?

All love, great things, good health, glad tidings and every last bit of thanks to all of you for all the good you do, seemingly in every way possible under the sun. Personally, thanks for all your patience, forgiveness, understanding and company along the road -- hope you're still enjoying/getting something out of what you're seeing here... and if you're not, then send me an earful; they're always a great aid... and, judging by the number of 'em already in the backlog, a just-as-needed grace.

Wherever you're at, whatever you're up to, hope all's great on your end. God love you lot today and forever.