Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Keeping Pace" with Papa

A pre-visit post highlighted the story of Linda Cacpal -- the Hawaiian dynamo who, amid dialysis treatments and not having hit Mainland in 20 years, was headed to New York to see the Pope.

Suffice it to say, she made it with bells on... and getting to see her as Friday night lit up the city was a highlight of my week.

At the urging of her diocesan newspaper, the Hawaii Catholic Herald, Linda kept a Pilgrim's Journal of her days in Gotham to see Papa Ratzi. Now posted, it's a priceless glimpse into the experience, so check it out.

Money quote, from her trip in: "My seat neighbor was a young man who started out in MY seat because he wanted the aisle. I offered to exchange and got my first NY 'Whatevah!' Oh, well, the only thing to do was to show some Aloha."

He might not have used the word, but "Aloha" was, in effect, the key of the Pope's message on these shores.

A bit more of it from us all, and the Main Event will have done its job.

PHOTO: Reuters