Sunday, March 16, 2008

"All Glory, Laud, and Honor...."

Well, church, we've arrived -- The Week That Is Holy is upon us.

Yep, already. Hard to believe, eh?

Welcome to it, immerse yourself in it -- and, as they say, just let it "do its thing" in you... and there as many ways of going about that as there are the number of us.

Today's readings are venerable, sure, but as nothing speaks like music, it's best to let Bach's chorus do the talking....

...and, for the more Gospel-minded among us, we've got not just any Man in Black.....

To all of you, those you love and those you serve, all the blessings and richness of this journey, of this Holy Week.

It's all yours, all ours, so may we walk through these days together... and, in the process, make the most of 'em.

God love ya, gang.