Sunday, February 17, 2008

On the Mend

First off, thanks so much to everyone who's sent notes and/or prayers these last few days. It's been a good breather, and I can report that Fr Nick is improving and quickly returning to himself.

The pastor-patient was taken off the ventilator on Friday; given the pneumonia, he had to stay on it a bit longer. While progress is said to be "excellent" and he's sitting up and eating, he remains in intensive care. Even so, it was a relief to hear that, not long after the sedatives wore off and he was brought to a chair for the first time since the surgery, he started kicking people out of the room -- reflecting his usual mindset that too much of a fuss was being made over him. As one of the gang around him put it the other night, "We're all going to hear about this once he's back to speed."

Admittedly, having kept his mug and some words of praise at the top of the page for four days, I was thinking I'd be near the front of the firing line. (Wouldn't be the first time that's happened... then again, I don't mind.) But when I called over there a couple minutes ago to check in, I was told that he looked over and mouthed out "thank you" -- so know how your prayers have worked and how they're appreciated.

That he didn't grab the phone and start gabbering, though, says that he's still got a ways to go, so please keep 'em comin'.

And for those of you who, if the inbox is any indicator, are saying "Enough about your pastor -- what's up with Little Rock?" let's just say that the Holy Spirit is inviting all of us to be a bit more patient than we might like. Not much, just a bit.

Remember, gang, it is Lent. Enjoy it, thanks again, and most of all, be at peace and take care of yourselves.