Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Papa Spes Nostra

Speaking of PopeTrip '08, the logo for the 15-20 April trek to Washington and New York has just been revealed -- along with a USCCB-helmed official site for the journey.

Appropriately, the image of Papa Ratzi used in the logo was taken on his 2005 election day, the third anniversary of which will fall during his US stay... as will his 81st birthday.
The theme reflects Pope Benedict’s encyclical Spe Salvi, issued in late 2007 as an invitation for people to personally encounter Jesus Christ. In the encyclical, the pope said that faith in Christ brings well-founded hope in eternal salvation, the "great hope" that can sustain people through the trials of this world....

Logo designer Donna Hobson, director of publications at The Catholic University of America (CUA), explained her goal with this design.

“I wanted to incorporate the papal colors—yellow and white— and my vision was to show a welcoming, arms-open, smiling Pope Benedict,” she said.
With the first lengthy PopeStop on these shores now less than four months away, the "monumental" preparations will continue in earnest through the New Year.

As for getting tickets, be patient for now... and good luck once the derby begins:
He will address the United Nations; participate in events with interreligious and ecumenical religious leaders; visit the White House and ground zero, the site where the World Trade Center stood; meet with U.S. bishops and representatives of Catholic education institutions; join a rally for youths and seminarians; and celebrate Mass for priests, deacons and religious of New York.

However, most of those activities will be invitation-only. Unlike previous papal visits, when Masses were held at the National Mall and Central Park -- wide-open venues with space for hundreds of thousands of people -- opportunities to see Pope Benedict will be more limited.

Pretty much the only chances the general public will have will be at Masses at the Washington Nationals' new baseball stadium, with a capacity of about 45,000, and Yankee Stadium in New York, which has a capacity of perhaps 65,000....

All other papal events will be closed to anyone who isn't specifically invited[.]
SVILUPPO: Thanks to a friend for noting that the famous Election Day Black Sweater has been airbrushed to white for the logo....

...which poses a question: if the papal image were going to be snazzed-up for prime time, then why no French cuffs?

As always, something to ponder.

PHOTO: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops -- COPYRIGHT