Thursday, December 27, 2007

French Hens, Anyone?

Merry Christmas, gang... everybody enjoying it?

The radio stations might've killed the carols already as the shops brim with returns, but as the Octave is supposed to be experienced as a single day, continued wishes for a Beato e Buon Natale to all of you and your loved ones. With Advent's preparations past, hope you're getting something of a breather to bask in the company of friends and family, or -- for those who've already had enough of 'em by now -- whatever else floats your boat.

Before all else, just a reminder that nominations for The Churchman -- and '07's more memorable stories for the Year in Review package -- are still being taken; deadline for submissions is Friday Noon. A ton of thanks to everyone who's dropped a line... and for the rest, remember that the product will only be as good as its collaborative input is high.

The package (general wrap-up piece, global and US Churchman designees, and honorable mentions) will be published on New Year's Eve; to clarify a question that's come up, nominees need not be clerics, nor men -- simply someone on the scene whose impact has been felt on the wider stage this year.

Between writing the review and the usual Octave get-togethers, light posting will continue. A very full year is in the wings, so "rest now or forever blow your peace" seems to be a wise star of advice to follow in these days of grace (...and, admittedly, very delayed card-sending).

Soak 'em up to the full, folks -- the days, that is. Indeed, they're a gift in themselves. And thanks to all of you who are, day in and day out, a gift to more people than you might realize... this scribe included.

Again, all the joy, peace, comfort, richness and light of Christmas to you and yours.