Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pharaoh and the Camel

Some might remember the story about the newly-elevated John Cardinal Foley and his 1975 Holy Year pilgrimage with God's Anointed -- John Cardinal Krol, for non-locals -- to the tombs of Philadelphia Catholicism's Egyptian forerunners.

Should've thought of it earlier, but it took a dotCom request for the shot before a quick rummage was made through the Whispers morgue...

...where, per usual, the goods turned up.

Ecco... again:

(Photo removed by order of the Houston Chronicle.)

(Sorry -- wrong post.... here ya go:)

Earlier tonight, the priest-editor behind the shot took possession of his diaconal church, S. Sebastiano al Palatino.

The native son returns home on 11 December, two days before his triumphant Mass of Thanksgiving in the Cathedral-Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul. Given the number of his friends from near and far who couldn't make it over for the Consistory Week circus -- and even many who did -- the hometown leg of "Foleyfest" is quickly taking on the scale of a national event.

In the meantime, the Eminent One won another addition to his global circle of friends at yesterday's audience for the new cardinals.

SVILUPPO: Over at CNS' NewsHub, a Krol-camel close-up... with the original caption.

PHOTO 1: Msgr John P. Foley/
The Catholic Standard & Times
PHOTO 2: AP/Alessandra Tarantino