Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Still Diggin'

Forgive the silence, folks; after the chaos of last week, a break was in order.

They say there's something to that thing called sleep... and, indeed, there is.

Your narrator wasn't alone in experiencing this -- the machine likewise decided to crash... and if there's such a thing as caffeine for computers, pray tell as, clearly, I haven't yet found it. But gratefully, it's come back to life and now the task is just a matter of catching up on things, which should be done around midday tomorrow. (Suffice it to say, some interesting developments have emerged... but, in the meantime, a warm East Coast welcome to the Papal Travel Advance Team, currently on the ground to finalize plans for mid-April.)

The Red Dawn might be behind us... but in its place, Scarlet Fever has broken out.

Get ready for a fun month, gang. And, as always, thanks for your patience, and everything else.