Thursday, October 04, 2007

Crown Them With One Red Hat

Seven years ago today, early on the morning of this feast of the Poverello, I was at morning Mass in a side chapel of the Mother and Head of All Churches...

...and Danny was with me. Just the two of us, doing our best to mumble along the Italian responses.

The memories of that day have made for enough emotions in itself. However, most of its anniversary's work has been spent planning a return trip... and no less emotional, that.

This is a long way of saying what you already knew: folks, a Consistory Watch is on.

Everybody ready?

Now, running around the Seven Hills looking for a turkey isn't usually a self-respecting Yank's idea of a good Thanksgiving. But work is work -- and the big balloons can take a year off for the once-in-a-million-years occurrence that is John Foley's red hat (an occasion for thanksgiving all in itself).

Ergo, your narrator's trip is on, the arrangements almost finalized. Looking forward to a great time and catching up with the Tiberfolk. As this wild ride began for me with a consistory long ago, it's all promising to be quite the experience.

In keeping with the traditional practice, a formal announcement is expected from Benedict XVI at either his Sunday Angelus or Wednesday General Audience sometime between 14-24 October. Updates to come as credible word is received... as always, stay tuned.

From the Foleymania Desk, Philadelphia's Cathedral-Basilica of Ss. Peter and Paul has already been reserved for the cardinal-to-be's Mass of Thanksgiving on 2 December, according to a source appraised of the plans. On the native son's Roman pilgrimage, S. Maria Maggiore is likewise being held for a similar liturgy, scheduled for 26 November -- the day following the expected Ring Mass.