Monday, March 19, 2007

"Why Am I Always On a Plane or a Fast Train?"

Forgive the absences; the scurrying up and down the Northeast Corridor continues....

Back from DC -- sweet crowd, great time and an honor to share the stage with three great minds of today's scene last night. Thanks to everyone who showed and hung around; it's always a joy to be back on the calm and picturesque shores of "Lake Jordan."

Now, a quiet evening of posting before tomorrow at St Joe's and Thursday in Wilmington.

Then... crash. And Youngstown. And my sister's Super Sweet 21st. And, finally, the Week that is Holy. And quiet. And moving to no end.

On a side note, I know I've been terribly lackluster in acknowledging many, many notes, e.mails, etc., each of which is a gift and many of which have contained gifts. Then again, being lackluster in most things, it's par for the course. Until I get all of the thank-yous shipped out, know that I've been taking a backpack full of the kind words on the road, doing my best to scribble out what I can when I can. Just reading such kindness means more than any of you who've sent it in so many ways could ever imagine.

In the meantime, hope your Lenten journeys are going well. Before you know it, we'll be There.