Friday, March 02, 2007

Papa Ratzi's "Town Hall"

To date, one of the hallmarks of the new Benedictine age has been the Pope's keen enjoyment of interacting with various groups through extended, impromptu Q&A sessions.

B16 first employed the approach during his summer vacation of 2005, when he spent over an hour riffing on queries from the priests of the northern Italian diocese where he was vacationing. Since then, he's held similar encounters with Rome's first Communicants, its seminarians and clergy, with the latter two taking place in the last month.

The papal meeting with the Urb's native sons in formation has been translated in full by Zenit. As to snip the Fluff would be an injustice -- particularly at his extemporaneous best -- the two-part read (Uno, Due) is well worth your while.