Tuesday, March 06, 2007

D-Day = May Day

Press conference taking place right now in Dallas' Catedral Santuario de Guadalupe -- installation announced for May 1....

Telling newly-appointed Bishop Kevin Farrell that he had to leave his allegiances to DC behind, retiring Bishop Charles Grahmann presented a public gift to his successor: baseball caps of the four hometown teams, arranged in order of their standings.

Guess where the Rangers ended up.

Farrell: "I certainly will feel at home in Dallas.... I know I have a great deal to learn."

In response to a question on the immigration dispute: "I, too, am an immigrant to the United States -- as you can tell by my non-Texas accent."

On abuse: "The first priority is to help [survivors] heal."

On his brother [Bishop Brian Farrell, LC, secretary of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity]: "My brother is a bishop. My older brother -- but I became a bishop before he did.... There's still some of that sibling rivalry."

Money quote: "At this particular moment, this is my dream job -- it's the only job I have. And I will try to do the best that I can."

The appointee wrapped by saying he didn't sleep too well last night, fearing that he'd be asked one question, which didn't end up being put to him, saying "I'll leave it at that."

When pressed, he said the dreaded question was whether he'd trade the Redskins for the Cowboys.