Friday, February 09, 2007

Lord, Open My Lips...

Invitiatory-time having come and gone, it was good to find a higher-than-usual influx of feedback after last weekend's post on the Office (not the TV show, much as I love it, too).

It seems a couple readers enjoyed the introduction to, which for many years has provided the bare-bones of the daily Hours as a free service for those of us for whom the ways of the Breviary can be a bit daunting or prohibitive.

For all its goodness, however, Universalis leaves out the hymns and many of the other key add-ons that make the Divine Office a spectacular package of spiritual goodness.

Ergo, enter It's a pay service (starting at $30/year), but the texts are formatted for Adobe and mobile formats, easily printable and all clipped, collated and ready to go. And Fridays are "free preview" day, so for the curious, today's literally your lucky day. (No, this isn't a paid ad -- I just happened to stumble across the place.)

Who'd have ever thought there'd be a war of the Breviary Sites? Yet another reason to love the internet.